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Who We Are

Squire Dental is an alliance of like-minded dentists, hygienists, and supporting team members. We strive to provide unparalleled patient experiences and clinical outcomes, and believe that empowering our providers is the best way to achieve this goal. We maintain complete clinical autonomy for our dentists while supporting them with best-in-class back office services.

What We Value?

In the Middle Ages, squires were the shield and armor bearers for the most important soldiers – the knights. They did everything they could to support their knights. We embody this philosophy in our approach: we do everything that we can to serve and support our dental partners and the patients that rely on them.

Patient Outcomes and Experiences Come First

Patients always come first. We want to change the way dentistry is perceived and make going to the dentist a great experience. We base every business decision around improving the quality of dentistry our patients receive.

Long Term Partnerships, Clinical Autonomy

We have a long-term approach when it comes to building our business and forming partnerships. Our clinicians are empowered to always make the best clinical decisions for our patients. We invest in our practices and the latest technology to better treat our patients for the long-term.

Everyone is an Owner

Everyone on our team is an owner of the company (seriously–ask us!) and is empowered to make a difference in the direction our company takes. We care deeply about the work we're doing, strive tirelessly to accomplish our goals, and are proud to be a part of this team.


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How We Serve


How we Help

Centralized Business Services

Finance & Accounting

Bookkeeping, paying bills, taxes, tracking KPIs

HR & Payroll

Compliance, Team Benefits (e.g., Health Insurance, 401k, etc.), paying team members

Marketing & Advertising

Squire has a proven track record of significantly growing the number and quality of new patients at our partner practices. We’ve increased the number of new patients at our partner practices anywhere from 20-50%+. We believe that marketing needs to be executed locally, and we work with you to optimize marketing for your practice. Squire also has a centralized call center capability that can be used by practices if desired.

Other Operational Support

Legal, Information Technology, Equipment Procurement, Practice Renovations, Facilities Management

Practice Support

Hiring, Training, & Development

We think that all team decisions should be handled at the practice level. We’re able to support our practices by easing the administrative burdens associated with hiring, such as: sourcing candidates, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews. We also have training & development resources and programming for all clinical and non-clinical team members.

Revenue Cycle Management

Partner practices can use our centralized billing & collections team and software as desired.

Supplies & Labs

Supplies and Labs are always left to the discretion of our partner dentists. Due to our scale, we provide access to preferred pricing and an in-house lab.

Other Practice Support:

We believe that the best patient experience is achieved when all patient needs are met at our partner dentists’ practices, and we service the following specialties: Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, and Pedodontics.

10 Partner Offices
132 Team Members
21 Dentists
My partnership with Squire has been exactly as advertised – everything that happens in my practice is my decision, and I’m supported to grow my practice and make my life easier.
Dr. Navid Hadian
Practicing Dentist & Squire Partner

Garden State Smiles of Toms River

Meet the team

The Squire Leadership Team Is Intentionally Diverse, Offering Clinical, Operational and Business Experience.
Danny Baker

Danny is a co-founder of Squire Dental. Prior to Squire Dental, Danny was on the leadership team of Provi, a Bessemer-backed marketplace; he joined at an early stage (employee number 30), grew the valuation of the company 25x, grew annual revenue 20x, and grew the team by 200+. Prior to Provi, Danny was an associate at Bain where within the Private Equity group he focused on healthcare and technology. Before Bain, Danny founded Zcruit, a company that provides predictive analytics for college football recruiting and works with 100+ college athletic programs; he sold the company to Raine Group / Mubadala (private equity firms). Danny graduated with honors from Northwestern University, and chose not to complete his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Danny Baker

Robert Schwartz

Grant is a co-founder of Squire Dental. Prior to Squire Dental, Grant was an associate at PPC, a $1.3B AUM KKR spin-off, where he focused on healthcare services including dental. Prior to PPC, Grant worked at CitiBank as an investment banker. Grant graduated with honors from Northwestern University, and chose not to complete his MBA at Wharton.

Grant Perelman

Navid Hadian

Bio comming soon.

Navid Hadian

Partner Dentist
Dr. Runjan Seth

Dr. Runjan Seth grew up in Canada. He lived in Toronto Ontario for 3 years then moved to Boston MA and lived and worked there for more than 10 years. For the last 20 years, Dr. Seth has lived in New Jersey with his wife and three children. He is currently a part time Clinical Instructor at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and practices General Dentistry. Dr. Seth has 22 years of experience in treating all aspects of dental care.

Dr. Runjan Seth

Dr. Vlad Detinich

Dr. Detinich understands how the majority of people feel about dentistry, and is determined to change the way his patients feel about dental health. He believes modern dentistry can be performed very comfortably, as if it were an art. Dr. Detinich enjoys providing all phases of dentistry and is using the latest technology for exceptional individual care. The mission of his practice is to change people's perception of dentistry.

Dr. Vlad Detinich

Miloni Shah

Dr. Miloni Shah is a graduate of NYU College of Dentistry, one of the best in the country and has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry for over 10 years. Over the years she has taken extensive continuing education courses in latest and advanced dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, Implants at UMDNJ, school of Dental Medicine, NJ. Dr. Shah strives to offer the best dental experience possible by the latest technology, practice policies and procedures in a state of art facility. She is a very caring and compassionate practitioner who prides herself on the personal relationships she builds with her patients. Besides the love for dentistry, she is an avid reader, art lover and tech enthusiast. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

Dr. Miloni Shah

Partner Dentist
Robert Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz was CEO and founder of Pudge Bros Pizza in Denver Colorado and he brought it from a Denovo concept of one to fifty five established locations in twelve states across the United States. Through his leadership and execution, his company was awarded "Best Pizza Chain in Colorado" by the Rocky Mountain News. Mr. Schwartz brings with him the ability to replicate systems and he helped our management team implement strategies in our growth model.

Robert Schwartz

Robert Schwartz

Rich brings in over 25 years of Accounting and Finance experience, many of which were spent in fast-growing, multi-site, healthcare organizations. Most recently, he was the VP of Finance at Proud Moments, a multisite behavioral health organization. Prior to that Rich was the Controller at two DSOs, Northeast Dental and Dimensional Dental. In addition, he worked for several manufacturing and distribution companies, and started his career at PWC. Rich is a licensed CPA and earned BS from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

Rich Acosta

Chief Financial Officer
Sthepanie Coe

Stephanie is the Head of Integrations at Squire Dental. Prior to Squire, Stephanie was the Director of Operations at a 6 practice oral surgery group where she worked for 7 years. Stephanie holds an MBA, and a bachelors degree from Quinnipiac University. Stephanie is a strategic leader who is skilled at developing and implementing organizational policies and processes to create better efficiencies within offices, while maintaining employee engagement. Stephanie is originally from Northern Jersey, and now lives in Jersey City. She is a globetrotter and loves sharing her experiences with those around her!

Stephanie Coe

Head of Integrations
Joe Mercadante

Joe has personally been creating and managing Internet marketing campaigns for medical and dental practices for over 15 years. In his career, Joe has been involved at a high level with three technology-based companies, two of which have received Inc 500 and Inc 5000 awards, named among the fastest growing, privately held companies in America.

Joe Mercadante

SVP of Marketing
My partnership with Squire has been really fantastic. It's allowed me to continue seeing patients and delivering great outcomes while allowing me to remove myself from certain operational elements that went along with running my practice. I feel much more in control of how I spend my time and the profitability of my office doubled.
Dr. Runjan Seth
Practicing Dentist & Squire Partner

Garden State Smiles of Toms River